Thoughts on notes/wikis/markup/wikitext

I’ve been looking for years for that one app/program, that allows me to do all of my knowledge base and note taking requirements. I need it to be cross platform, allow for linking between notes, easy to use (no complicated markup/markdown to learn) and free from too many keyboard commands (org mode Im looking at you).

I’ve come to the conclusion that such a tool doesn’t exist.

There are a lot of tools out there that almost work for me in areas but then are let down by several things.

  1. Cost – I can’t afford to spend too much money.
  2. Linking between notes etc isn’t possible or is so hard it isn’t worth it.
  3. Data is kept in some obscure format on their server (in the cloud)
  4. Privacy – honestly does anyone actually think these days?
  5. Ease of use, I want a rich text editor, is that too much to ask in 2020?
  6. Cross platform – why can’t I have it on my phone as well as my laptop?
  7. Export data – I want to be able to take my data out and keep the structure.
  8. Bookmarking – I want a browser extension to bookmark sites and keep a reasonable facsimile.
  9. Highlighting – I want to easily highlight some text. By that I mean with yellow highlighter.
  10. Spell checker – UK English. Not hard right? Apparently it is.

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